May Vaca

 My computer is still down for the count, but I miss blogging, so another round of Iphone pics :) James and I went on a anniversary trip last week to Jumby Bay. Ya'll, it was soooo wonderful! It is a small island off the coast of Antigua and postcard worthy...great service, great food, and such nice people. We really just relaxed. James even read a complete book in one day and if you have read the blog before, you know that is a miracle. I read four books (my favorite was The Language of Flowers) and took at least one nap a day...The most activity was a little kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

view from lunch everyday

my favorite, prawn and wasabi salad

dinner on the beach, Cheers to four years! I am so blessed!

White Night where everyone enjoyed an authenic Antiguan bbque on the beach wearing white...It was beautiful

one more rum punch before we left (don't worry James and Geni the bartender became bff's and he got the "secret" recipe)
I did miss the little rascals and was thankful they were having a blast at the beach with Pie and Pal...

Upon our return, we enjoyed the end of the week and Memorial day at the Gulf....you know how you always want a vacation after vacation? Well we had it! Perfect scenario!

Lane is at the perfect beach stage...swims but not too deep, independently plays in the sand, wants to fish, ride in the boat, etc.
Holden is at the hardest stage...eats sand, rubs it in his eyes, wants to be where Lane is and gets MAD if he is left out, so close to walking aka..falls all the time...
BUT, they both love it and know we have a fun summer ahead!

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