Holden's Christening

playing catch up from a few weekends ago...
The Rossells came down to hunt on Saturday...the mommas and the babies watched via truck

We then had supper at the Roost...
Fair is such a big helper!

Holden thought so too
The birthday boys all received guns appropriate to their ages (according to Pie and Pal)
Sam turned 7 and received a genuine civil war rifle

Lane received a genuine plastic double barrel shot gun :)

Dessert was "Aunt Ra Ra's world famous triffle" according to Sam :)

these two loved it!
Sunday morning was the big day...

both boys did great! Holden was in my arms sleeping right before this and then just woke up and started smiling

Lane smiled and waved at everyone, then jumped down to go sit with granddaddy 

We claimed Holden Russell Osborn as Jesus Christ's own and to raise him in a Christian church and home. 
After we headed to our house to have a celebration lunch (and Lane boy's birthday!)
The ginormous Mickey balloons were a hit, and we were so glad to have cousin Ford there!

Logan practicing for his role as father of two in a few months :)

Foster brought Lane a guitar and showed him how to jam!

yummy lunch

sweet friends

Thank you to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate with us, so special!

A special thanks to Uncle Michael who came down and brought Lane an awesome birthday present:
He was in finger painting heaven! and yes it was washable :)

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