Birmingham Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Birmingham for our continuing education dental meetings.  It was held at Ross Bridge, so a fun little mini vaca weekend. The two rascals headed to Moulton with Grandmomma and Grandaddy. (THANKS!) Thursday night we ate a delicious dinner at Hot and Hot Fish Club. 

the parentals (don't they look great?! they are also cross fitting!)

my hot dates

this beet and tuna was as delicious as it was pretty

mom had fresh sardines, I did not partake, but she said they were excellent

Friday night we ate with some fellow dentites at Highlands...no pictures as I was busy eating my beef short ribs, yummmmmm....

Saturday night was a SUPRISE party at Rojo for Caroline. Steven her husband did a great job of planning, and I think she genuinely was surprised. 

Looking good Liney!

The Rossells were there to celebrate
and to top it off, the husband not only took me to get a pedicure, but he did it with me...I would say he liked it except the lady picked at his previous ingrown hair and it oozed the rest of the day. I don't think he understood why he payed someone for that procedure :)

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Caroline Bobo said...

What yummy dinners y'all had :) Thank you for making my bday special and surprising me!!! Wonderful night! I may have to get onto you for that lovely pic of me!! Haha!