6 months(ish)

Since he is 7 months tomorrow, I thought I better catch up....

Really it is hard for me to differentiate changes as these past few weeks have been jammed packed with a lot of "firsts".  He went from sitting up well at the first of the month to crawling this week. Now, when I say crawling he really only makes forward progress a few at a time. But, instead of dragging himself to where he wants ago, he slowly crawls. 

He also has gotten TWO teeth in these past few weeks. Lane didn't get his first tooth until 9 months, so this is exciting to a parental dentist. He is still a big eater, eating 3-4 foods a day plus 5 bottles. He loves puffs and the independence of feeding himself. 

He is such a cuddle bug, he loves kisses!! He loves to grab my face, hair, etc and drool and "talk" to me. AHHH it is the BEST He is so ticklish everywhere and after bath time when I put on his lotion, he giggles the whole time. 

He is in awe of his big brother. Their new game is bumper cars with him being in the walker and Lane being in his plama car. They run into each other and both burst out laughing...so fun to see them playing already. 

He really is laid back and just enjoys being with you. I can take him outside and he is content for hours, or we can play inside and he is also happy. He is also becoming a good napper and starting to really have a nice morning nap of about 1.5 hours and then another in the afternoon for 2 hours. It is nice to have a more predictable schedule. 

My love bug!!! Happy half birthday buddy!


Steven said...

Just got on here as you posted! LOVE his sweet face! His hair is getting longer!! Glad he is napping longer for you...look forward to those days :) I love the last few pics with you...sweet!! Can't believe he already has teeth!!

Steven said...

oops...i was logged in as steven..obviously this is caroline :)

Angie said...

He is so precious!! Can't believe he is almost 7 months!!!

Natalie said...

Cute litte love bug

Ashley Meadows said...

Holden is adorable!