5 months

 Holden at 5 months: rolling everywhere, drooling everywhere (still no teeth though), taking 5-6 6 ounce bottles a day plus 1-2 fruit/veggies, sleeping better (still has early am wake ups), smiles constantly, babbling more and more, loving watching big brother play, eating his toes, and is just one HAPPY boy. 

He did have his first sinus infection this past week and it was pitiful :(

He is a cuddler...he loves nosey eskimosy and plays with my face/hair while eating, sooo sweet!

LOVES his paci, loves baths, loves to have his diaper changed

brother had to join in

Another photo op:
"Help me Momma!"

He is such a joy! If he were a good sleeper like his big brother, I might want 5 more just like him, BUT he isn't :) 


Caroline Bobo said...

Love these details on Holden. Such a precious boy and I am so glad he is a happy baby! You have 2 sweet boys! I would love to see you have 5 more babies ;)

Ashley Meadows said...

Holden is adorable! Betsy and I were just talking the other day about your boys. Lane seems so sweet, and Holden is just the cutest thing! I couldn't help but smile the whole time I held him!