Fourth of July

We headed back to the beach to spend the week of the fourth with my fam including my brother and his family.  He is busy, busy with his awesome food truck and catering business, so it was a treat to spend time with he, Lacey, and baby Ford. Here are some picture highlights:
Grandmomma and Grandaddy were there to play too!!

snack time on the island--who knew sandy Pb &J's tasted so good?!

Don't let this sweet face fool you...Poor Ford, Lane had to learn some boundaries. He wanted to "hug" and "love" on Ford intensely. I wish I could say it was always sweet, but not so much. I hope it was good practice for the new baby. Little does Lane know that Ford will probably be able to take him very very soon, so he better watch out. 

Loved playing in the bayou

and in the pool by the bayou...

the two little munchkins eating...they are very good at this! Ford is only 9 months old and already feeds himself. Lane has become adamant this last month that only he feeds himself and has to use a fork. It gets very very messy. 

family shot at Cobalts, we ate here at least three times. Good food (James loves the fish sandwich) and fast service, with a toddler that becomes very important. They also have great fried shrimp for Lane, he loves them (as do I). 

Lacey, Ford, and Mac

Lane and Ford in their matching shirts made for them by Elizabeth Culpepper. So cute!
Uncle David being very Patriotic

cruising around in the boat...Lane cracks me up with all of his gear. The glasses didn't last too long.

Ford relaxing...the good life...a bottle and a boat ride
the fishing crew and their catches

Lane loved the "phis", he didn't know it was the bait

watching them clean the fish

Fourth of July= 37+ weeks preggo

Pie and Pal with the boys

celebrating with Virginia and Ann Marie

I will say I was somewhat hesitant about a week at the beach being so pregnant, but it was wonderful! I am especially thankful for all of the grandparent/aunt and uncle help as James and I both got to relax too. It was a fun last trip before this new baby boy comes. (more update on that soon!) 


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