3 months (ish)

Stats: 24 inches long, 12 pounds
Favorites: his two fingers, singing with daddy, playing in the kickin coaster, eating blankets, bath time minus drying off, getting his diaper changed, being outside
Dislikes: when his bottle is still warming, riding in his carseat, and when you block the TV from his viewing area (so hard to keep him from watching, it is like a magnet!)
Eating:5-6 ounces, 6 times a day
Nicknames: Lane boy, Mister Lane (what his daycare momma, Rita, calls him), Munkin (bc he is half munchkin, half pumpkin after all)
My favorites: when I pick him up out of the crib in the mornings, he gives me the sweetest smile and coo, he is definitely a morning person just like his momma, his mullet/backward toupee that he styles, when he gets  excited and pumps his legs really fast, his birthmark between his fourth and fifth toe on his left foot
Three words to describe him at this stage: Joyful, Content, and Perceptive
On the Horizon: rice cereal, rolling over (he has rolled over once from his stomach to his back, but only James saw it) and an overnight stay with his Osborn grandparents while we are in NYC for memorial weekend!!

starting to drool ALOT

12 weeks

eating blankets


LOVES his cousin Sam

"talking" to momma

 Things we are loving at this age as far as baby things go:
1. nightlight/sound machine: Home Medics soundspa
3. Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown

(the following are links to these from Buy Buy Baby, but my favorite place to get a deal is the Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory, everything is at least 25-30 % off)


Julie said...

I can't believe how grown up he is!!!! What an adorable little man!! We HAVE to get together soon:)

Caroline Bobo said...

Love the updates!! Hopefully I can get my hands on this little man this weekend :) LOVE YOU! You are already a wonderful mother!!