War Eagle Bound

This weekend we are headed to Auburn for the AU vs Clemson game. I am very excited, as a trip back always invokes the best memories. Here are a few I could find quickly:

With Mols at the Sigma Chi house tailgating
tailgating with Ashley

Auburn/Al tigerwalk, gotta love the Bama fan in front, classy
with James shortly after we were engaged

Selma Alpha Gams at bid day (Laura, Sam, me, Abbie)
Graduation with CARM


Ashley M. Meadows said...

I hope ya'll have a great time! War Eagle!

Abbie Tucker said...

Love the pics! War Eagle.

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

WAR EAGLE!! Great game for ya'll and great seats!

Kirstin said...

I found your blog and this post via searching for Alpha Gamma Delta bloggers =D
I'd love to invite you to check out the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network at www.AlphaGam.org we'd love to have you join us.