We are here, and it is beautiful! No hurricanes in sight! The flights were very smooth, with some excitement of NBA players flying with us. Ever heard of Ray Allen and Drew Gooden? Well, apparently they are important basketball players, and James and Michael were very excited.
Outside patio where we will be spending lot of time

View from our bedroom
Before dinner last night at Mango Reef

On the agenda for today....long walk on the beach, lunch at da conch shack, snorkeling at the bite, reading and nap, dinner at coco bistro.....ahhhh indeed!


Ashley M. Meadows said...

I hope ya'll have a fantastic time! I'm so glad that there wasn't any hurricane damage. I was worried. Happy vacationing!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I am behind on my blog reading. Steven has the computer in ATL. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. Enjoy your stay!! Can't wait to hear about it