"If you're not first you're last"

As quoted from Ricky Bobby, Talledaga nights...That was my attitude going into the Porsche 250 Race, part of the Indie Race weekend in Birmingham this past weekend. aka, what has my husband dragged me to? I felt like I should be wearing my finest pair of cut offs, white tank, trucker hat, and maybe not have showered. But after arriving (without showering, but not in forementioned outfit), I quickly changed my tune. It was another gorgeous spring day. We had packed a picnic, and I had brought a good book. James was so happy to be there, all equaling in a fun experience. The actual race was ok, kinda loud. I did lookout for Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy, but never really figured out which one was him.

This is the car I want to "tootle" around in one day. Isn't she cute?! She is an Austin Healy.
Thanks Jim for sponsoring the race!

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