Friday Favs

1. Kari Jobe CD
She sang at Highlands last week and was awesome! I have been listening to her music in my car this week, and it really helps starting my day having a Godly perspective.

2. Crystal Light-been trying not to drink soft drinks, and this has become my staple. Who knew there were so many great flavors?! Rasberry Lemondade is my favorite.

3. Bounce Bar-Shelia gave us one in our stocking for Christmas, and I have loved it! Just got a fresh one...it makes your clothes smell and feel great right out of the dryer.
4. Grab the Gold Bars-a friend recommended these to me (thanks Kate!)...They are full of protein, low on sugar, and really fill you up. You can get them online or at your local YMCA.


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Happy you are starting your day off right!! I need to listen to her. So glad you are kicking the soft drinks!!! We love some Crystal Lights around here. Have heard about the bounce thing and will try it! Never heard of those bars! Love your Friday Favs. Call me this week and hopefully we can catch up! haha!

The Allen Family said...

raspberry lemonade is my favorite too :)

thanks for your comment on the blog... you know me, black and white :)