About time

I had some time to update! We have been busy around the Osborn house. Nothing too productive really, just out and about enjoying this beautiful spring weather. It is hard for me to sit in front of the computer when I get home from work, because there is still alot of daylight and warm sunny skies to be enjoyed. Amos has really been loving it, because we go walking/running/to the park every day. However, he does not like to get too hot. Spoiled dog.
I have alot to post, so will rewind to last weekend, Easter. We headed North to Moulton for the weekend to spend time with James's fam.
after church Easter Sunday

preparing a feast

my contribution

James's aunt and cousins, Sarah, Brad, and Teresa

participators of the annual Easter egg hunt, no age limit

action shop, right before I over turned the wheel barrow, hunting the golden egg, and found a six foot snake (yes, lost some hunting enthusiasm after that)

James, aka snake slayer
Michael hunting hard
everyone enjoying the day

James's sweet MaMaw

He found the "100 dollars"

We had a wonderful time! Next up....Mexican Fiesta Party Post

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

OMG OMG...SNAKE...makes for not so fun egg hunting!! Glad you are ok. Great pics or your trip!! Yay for moolah