Sorry for slacking..

Hello to all of my blog followers! (yes all two of you) I am sorry for not posting lately, our computer at home is SO slow it takes me forever to upload pictures, so I just don't right now. We have had a great couple of weeks though...(in list form)
1. Decorated our first tree, not bad thanks to Shelia's (James's mom) contributions of ornaments

(not really our tree, but don't you love it!)
2. Chris Tomlin Glory in the Highest Christmas Concert, AMAZING...go get the CD if you don't have it

3. Friends over to the house for a dessert party after the concert, stayed up until 12:30 (very late for me!), lots of fun...had Holiday Spritzers and Apple Cider

4. Soup Night last Sunday, friends came over for some yummy butternut squash soup, tomato basil soup, and spoon bread ala Rayne (Mac would be proud)

I will post recipe's soon because they were quite tasty!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Finally a post!! Excellent! I wish all our houses looked like the first picture. I need to get the CD. It was soo good. Can't wait for recipes..they sound delish :)