Kid Friendly Recipe

I don't know about ya'll, but summertime has been a slight parenting fail on getting my boys to eat healthy. Popsicles, french fries, hot dogs, chicken fingers, pb &j etc. have been on the menu more frequently. I think part of this has to do with the fact I am pregnant and want to eat like a kid anyway. I also love to bake when I am pregnant, so dessert every night is the norm. They aren't complaining needless to say. I do love summer's abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, but even those I have managed to add something too...zucchini bread, butter bean corn salad, berry cobbler, etc. 
So when I saw this recipe, I was excited to give it a try:
pic via Friendly Kitchen blog

The recipe promised to be similar to Zoes Kitchen
Yes Please!
It also works great when chicken is buy one, get one free. 
James grilled the  chicken breasts on the green egg on Sunday and I made these with the leftovers. 
and the best news is that the boys loved them, like ate thirds loved them, so a big WIN.
Give them a try...

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