"Before" House Pictures

Please excuse the image quality as I only had my portrait lens handy for these pictures. But you can get  somewhat of an idea...

driving up, the right side of the house, carport area
closer view of carport and back door, we are taking out those closets, door, and window and extending this side of the house out to add laundry and half bath (see the white pipe, previous laundry area)

current back door that will be taken out and wall extended, wall to the right separates kitchen and dining, this will also be knocked out to open area to one room
right view from door currently, new sink, cabinets, countertops etc. will be put in
same wall of cabinets as sink, this will be where the new stove goes
doorway to the den, this will be opened vertically and horizontally
wall that separates kitchen and dining, again this will be knocked out, a peninsula with cabinets and seating will extend in between
looking back to kitchen and dining,  both doorways seen will be opened up
looking into current dining, again this will be opened (no the walls don't really look like that)

Now a glimpse of outside:

In the backyard is what my dad calls the "state park", see the lovely picnic tables and fire pit...the neat thing about this area is it is where my grandfather would host oyster roasts and other neighborhood parties. I have heard tons of stories of Pawpaw's (that is my paternal grandfather that I never got to meet) parties and entertaining. He loved people, loved cooking, and loved life. Here he would throw an oyster party on Thanksgiving morning for all of his friends while the women were preparing Thanksgiving dinner (you can imagine what the ladies probably thought about that!). I look forward to enjoying fellowship with my friends and family at the "state park". 
There is also a pool that I think we Amos will enjoy this summer.
Hopefully I will be back soon with progress pictures...contractor Cherry assures me things are proceeding nicely. 

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Steven said...

Great post Rayne, what is wrong with this picture though, you say "please excuse the quality cause I only had my portrait lens"....and when I blog I say "please excuse the quality because I had to use my cell phone"? I will look forward to post MAS reunion parties in the pool and some Oyster roasts at some point. (Steven)