3 and 4 weeks...

3 weeks
he is getting the hang of "picture day"
One Month!

As you can see, he is really changing. His hair is falling out and getting lighter. You can definitely tell what he will look like as an old man one day :) He is also starting to purposefully smile alot more. He loves to watch his daddy whenever James is in the room. His cord finally fell off on his one month birthday, and he took his first bath. He is sleeping better at night, sometimes going five hours straight. 

First bath
"get me out of there dad!"
He is also ready for Mardi Gras thanks to his Aunt Ann!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

He has changed soo much. Def less hair and cute faces. Love the pics of the first bath :) He is like what on earth are my parents trying to do to me!!

Julie said...

Look at that sweet smile!! He is adorable Rayne:)

Leighton said...

TOO cute! He looks like a laid back little dude. Love him.