Molly&Rich's Shower

As most of you know one of my most favorite people, Miss Molly, is getting married in LESS than 7 weeks...We had a bash in her and Rich's honor Friday night.
Venue: the top of the Kress building (law offices of Wiggins, Childs, Quinn & Pantazis) which is a beautiful spot to have a party if you are ever looking in Bham
Theme: Miscellaneous shower and Urban Chic dress (ok really dressy casual, but doesn't urban chic sound fun?!)
Food: Tazikis, pork sliders with tomato chutney aioli (which I could eat by the gallon), chicken wraps, salad, and roasted potatoes
Dessert: chocolate chip cookies a la Shelia, and a candy table with the bride and groom-to-be's favorites (skittles, peanut butter M&Ms, kitkats, and dark chocolate)
Company:delightful mix of family and friends
Al, Les, and myself (you can kinda see sunset city in background)
Rich, Dad, preggo, Molly, and Mom
The Osborns and The Russells (I promise my father was having fun, he just doesnt show it with his smiles in pictures)
Molly's supper club girlfriends: Ali, Kristy, Jacquie, and Lauren
Food table

Lauren, Adrienne, Luke
Rich's toast to Molly, sooo sweet, love her face here

The Bobo's, yes Steven is special

James and Jana

I wish I had taken more pictures, but hosting/visiting/picture taking is hard to accomplish. It was alot of fun, and I am so excited for the future Rossells!



Jill said...

love the pics! Rayne you look so cute!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

You did such a great job hosting and taking pics! We enjoyed everything! I about wet my pants when I saw steven's face and your caption! aha!!! I am going to put a link to yours once i blog about weekend

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Addendum to my wife's comment: regarding Dr. D's "smile" in the family shot, when you are cool as Big D is...you don't have to smile.....the camera smiles back at you.