I Heart...

1. Leggings...Black to be exact...They are really the only thing that are comfortable, and I don't mind wearing right now. I just bought some from Target for around 12 dollars that I am loving.
No, I really don't look like Miss Duff here, but you get the idea....

2. Her Daughter's Dream, Francine Rivers
This is the conclusion to Her Mother's Hope, another great Rivers read. I actually like this one better than the first.

3.   Minute Maid Light...Equally delicious as regular lemonade without all the calories

4. Pumpkin Flavored Anything, I made pumpkin bread yesterday that was pretty good, about a 7/10, I would say. I will post the recipe soon, with added tweaks to make it more of a 10/10.
5. Discerning the Voice of God, by Priscilla Shirer, This is the book my women's small group is doing this fall, and it is really good.
This was a sentence that really hit me today:
As I seek to hear God's voice, do I really desire to hear what His purposes are, or do I just desire to pursue my own and hope for His blessing?
Hmmm...ever been there?
6. Mamaroo Baby Seat....so James and I went and registered yesterday at Buy Buy Baby...WOW...definitely a somewhat overwhelming experience. We did have fun though! James thought it was hysterical that everything had names like Bumbo, Bumbleride, Burpy, Boppy, etc. It is a little weird if you think about it. But when it came to the swings/vibrating seats, we were both in awe. Does this not look like the most wonderful thing ever?! We both agreed that they need adult sizes. It swings in five directions, vibrates on 3 different speeds, makes nature sounds, has an Ipod hook up, etc. Too bad the weight limit is only 25 pounds....

That's all for now...be back with a revised pumpkin bread recipe!!


Amy said...

Love the swing!! We are looking for one this go round. :) May have to try this one out :)

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Great posts! I have on my black leggins as I type this :) They are so comfy. We can swap pumpkin recipes. Soup for your bread! That baby swing does look awesome! yay for registering :O so fun!

Molly Hargather said...

i can't wait to finish the second book! i loved her mother's hope, so i'm even more excited now that you said the second one is even better :). oh, and i love leggings too...all the time. and i'm not preggers!