Camping, Me, What???

Oh yes, this past weekend James and I joined my best friends from high school and their husbands for a camping adventure in North Carolina. Probably surprising to those that know me best, those that don't, let me just say sleeping outdoors for consecutive nights is not usually my idea of relaxation. But, it was something our group had never done together, and Steven (Caroline's husband) had planned the trip for us. I have not had a chance to upload my pictures, but please visit Caroline's blog here to get a great trip report. It was fun to catch up the CARM (Caroline, Abbie, Rayne, Maggie-our nickname). We rarely are all in the same place since everyone is more spread out. It did rain the whole time, which made things shall we say, more interesting....I am glad I can tell Baby O we went camping together, because from now on his daddy will have to take him.

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

haha...too funny! Can't wait to see your pics and I will add a link from my page too :) Happy Tuesday! LOVE YOU