Camping in Pictures

After arriving near midnight on Friday, getting ready to hike to the campsite, in the rain
Maggie is somewhere underneath all of that gear
I prefer a lighter pack
Our feelings going into this adventure
Sat morning, I mean... whoof
Steven sliding down the waterfall, don't worry, Baby O and I just watched
The crew minus the Bobos

The Tuckers
Mitchell using his all-purpose camp soap, who knew that existed?
Sweet Steven helping Mitchell
The suite of tents (thanks Reeds for letting us borrow)
All Mitchell's camping toys
and his dinner of choice
my entertainment of choice, and yes it is ok to take a book on a camping trip
Supper time, working hard perfecting my hotdog
CKB and the ultimate smore
All in all I think Maggie's face sums it up!


Ashley M. Meadows said...

I am reading The Help right now too! Just started it the other day.

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Great camping pics. The ones of yall with your packs are cute. Love the group shot! Thanks for being such a great camper!!