My Momma

is the greatest...She is one of the neatest ladies I know. She loves Jesus, her family, turkey hunting, tractors and dirt, banana pudding,  praying and reading, and being "Pie" to name a few...She is a wonderful grandmother to Sam, Fair, Audrey, and Amos. She is selfless, loving, a great listener, abundant in Godly wisdom, and very corny. I am so blessed to have her has my mom.

"Pie" and Fair

Changing moms... Let's talk about my mom(James). My mom is a relentless worker and as selfless a person as you will meet. She has no needs of her own other than to provide for her family and friends. Shelia is an excellent cook if southern flare is your thing, with more food on the table than should be legal.  My mom is always there for you. My mom is super-mom, literally. Example: I will never forget as I was growing up she would pick us(Michael and I) up from school; take us to the appropriate sports/music practice; go back to work; pick us up from practice and cook supper; then after supper was cleared she would go back to work and come home after we were asleep. I will never forget the way she has sacrificed for our family without complaint even when her burden was unfair for even the best mom. I love you mom! - James 

morning of our engagement

We love you both very much!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

So sweet Rayne! Ya'll are very blessed with the Mom's you have in your life! Great pics! Miss you! Want to hear about beach/wedding weekend.