CA Trip Part Two

Warning: Long Post
After our night in San Fran, we headed North to wine country. We spent the next two nights in Napa.
Meet Tonya (James named her and it really seemed appropriate), our hot ride for the week. James surprised me with an upgrade. Oh yea, we didn't draw attention.

We stopped here for picnic supplies. Delicious gourmet sandwiches, and cookies the size of my head. I was happy.

                                      First Winery: Domaine Carneros, known for their sparklings

Flowers everywhere, I almost got inspired to start a garden, almost

Next stop, Del Dotto
We really enjoyed this as you got to try different wines out of barrels. You could tell a difference based on what wood they had been aged in.

Our room in Napa at Milliken Creek Inn, fabulous! The bed was so comfy. We got a great deal here.
Dinner at Bottega, Michael Chiarello's restaurant. He was one of our favorites on Top Chef Masters.
I got gnocchi, melt-in-your mouth yummy!

Frog's Leap Winery, completely organic winery and farm (means no pesticides, irrigation etc.)

Ad Hoc, Thomas Keller's more casual restaurant in Yountville. They serve a family style, pre-set course dinner. It was fried chicken night when we were there. James and I were very skeptical coming from families where it is hard to beat your grandmama's chicken. But we were blown away.

Ok, I was going to take a picture of our meal before we inhaled it, but when push comes to shove, food wins.

Happiest I have seen him since our wedding day. He almost at the whole chicken.

The next day we packed up, revved up Tonya and headed to Sonoma County for the final few days of our trip.


Leighton said...

OH my gosh, I am envious!! Domaine Carneros and Del Dotto are two favorites. SO glad y'all had a great trip!!!!! Hope to see you soon! xoxo

Natalie said...

oh how i love that place! isnt del dotto insane? the chandeliers alone in that place cost more than my house :)