Play Date...

This past weekend Amos had a play date with my friend Maggie's puppy Duke. Duke is a beautiful 12 week old yellow lab. He weighs 22 pounds to Amos's 60. Despite this, I think they did pretty well together. I know they are going to bestest friends just like their mama's. (Well if Amos will stop pouncing on Duke)

(please excuse our au naturale look, I don't think either of us had showered that day)

trying really hard to get a good picture

as close as they would sit together :)

glimpse of how Duke would "hide" from Amos

Duke figured out Amos could not reach him under there

Amos, worn out!

I can't wait for them to get together in about another 2 months when Duke will give Amos a dose of his own medicine.

Other random things....Does anyone else watch Amerian Idol? James and I are getting more into it now that they are down to top 12. I am a Didi, Crystal, and Casey fan. James loves the Siobhan girl and Casey.

I ordered a new pair of running shoes today! I am SO excited...I have been an Asics fan for about 2 years now. I don't even have to try them on anymore, I just order the latest model of the ones I love. Here they are... (you know they are good when you don't even care what they look like, just what they feel like)

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

How cute are Duke and Amos?!!! So glad they (and Ya'll) had a play date :) I think you and Steven had buying new shoes on the list for this past week. Those look just like his new ones!! Here's to many more miles on your feet!