I just ordered a few new ones that I am excited about...

For all Francine Rivers fans out there, her newest novel was released this week. The best part is that a sequel will be soon to follow. Her Mark of the Lion series is still one of my all-time favorites.

The latest Maisie Dobbs, my favorite mystery series
The latest by Karen Kingsbury, Take Three
If you are like me you feel like you know all of the Baxter family and extended characters very well. These books are good for an easy read with a Christian perspective.

If anyone wants to borrow them when I finish, just let me know!

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Kendall said...

Rayne, I seriously can't wait to read Francine's and KK's newest books!! I'm currently reading the first book in the Mark of the Lion series.

P.S. I wish the Baxters really existed. I secretly hope we would all be friends. :)