Asheville and Amos

We had a wonderful time in Asheville a few weekends ago with the Tuckers! Friday was a beautiful day, perfect for exploring. We visited an Asheville must-see, the Biltmore. What a gorgeous place! The grounds, gardens, fields, trails, etc. around the house were probably our favorite. We also took the house tour, but I have to say due to our lack of patience, we did not love this as much. Not that it wasn't neat, but the long lines were a slight bit annoying. It took around 20 minutes to get from room to room with the long lines. (We were told that Oct is their peak season) We both felt like if we were closer to our parentals age (no offense!) that we might have enjoyed it a bit more. Friday night we went to a rooftop bar for night views of the city, and then to dinner with Abbie and Logan at a cool tapas place, Zambras, downtown. It rained all day Saturday, but I took James on a quick trip to see one of my old stomping grounds, Montreat. Montreat is located in Black Mountain, NC about 15 miles away from Asheville. I grew up going to First Presbyterian Church of Selma, and this was where we went on summer retreats. It was such a fun time every summer! We always had a group of all girls that went to fellowship with other believers, worship in a beautiful place, and get away from the awful Alabama humidity. Anyway, we enjoyed our quick getaway to see the Tuckers. On our way back to Alabama, we picked up Amos. What a Rascal! He is precious, exhausting, and entertaining all wrapped into one adorable puppy package. He/We are adjusting well. The first few nights were rough to say the least. I had to go to Walmart to invest in a sound machine (for us, not him) to get through the next few nights. He is doing better with sleeping in his crate. He usually just has to get up once at some point in the night to "Hurry" as we are calling it. I have some more recent pictures, but have not gotten a chance to upload them. These are from the first few days.

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

GREAT Pics!!! Love the post. Totally forgot about Montreat being so close to there!!! Great memories :) Amos seriously has the cutest little doggy face.