Which One?

James and I made a quick trip down to Auburn to pick out puppy Osborn. We had to pick our favorite two, just in case the couple that gets to pick in front of us happens to pick one of the ones we liked. They were all adorable! They are all a little older than a month old, and just starting to roam and play. We narrowed it down to these two, both chocolate males. Both had layed back demeanors (well at least right now, I am sure that will change). We still aren't sure on the name, kinda depends on which we get. The smaller of the two was the most relaxed...definitely an Amos. The slightly larger one might have a different name...Gunner, Levi, Moss, Perry, to name a few being tossed around. What's your vote?

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I like Amos for small one and Gunner for bigger one! Too cute