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I have just finished the book Jane Eyre. Alot of you have probably read it, because it was required reading for most high schools...not good ole John T. Morgan Academy. I picked it up at the bookstore a few weeks ago, inspired to read a classic. I really enjoyed it. (sidenote-My husband saw me reading it, and told me it was the sole book that made him dispise reading. So it is not for everyone!) However, the whole time while reading it invoked a since of sadness. Why do we not use beautiful language like that anymore? Have we gotten lazy or are we not taught these words? We make things short with slang...for instance saying "hey" as a greeting. In the book, "hello my dearest" is normal. I mean, how much better if you were greeted from your husband by "hello my dearest"? Ok, maybe you would just laugh, but there is so much more beauty in those words. Another example is helpmeet, instead of husband. What a wonderful way to describe your spouse. A few of my other favourite (notice spelling) words include: frock (dress), assent (agree), alas (an interjection to express sorrow), and behest (promise or command)...My favorite quote comes from when Jane reminisces of her lost love Mr. Rochester..."His idea was still with me, because it was not a vapour sunshine could disperse, nor a sand-traced effigy storms could wash away; it was a name graven on a tablet, fated to last as long as the marble it inscribed." Oh, what love, for more inspiration, read Jane Eyre.

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

You crack me up! But I totally agree with you on how people used to talk. Talk soon. lovies, Caroline