How many D.M.D's does it take to put up a tent?

Well, from our experience this weekend...three.

How do these poles go together???

Now what do we do??

I think we got it!

The group right before rafting on the Ocoee.

We had a wonderful time rafting and camping this past weekend. The Turners and Osborns headed out early Saturday morning. We arrived in Tn about lunch time to meet the Tuckers and set-up camp. We then rafted the Upper and Middle sections of the Ocoee. Our guide, Cody, was great, but thought it was fun to see how many times we could fall out. I think I lost count at five. We then headed to Thunder Rock campground to spend Saturday night. I have decided I LOVE the hotdog/smore/fellowship around the fire aspect of camping, but not so much the sleeping on the hard ground part. My back has been feeling the pain. We did have an awesome time, and I am glad we got to spend time with wonderful friends.

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Love the camping pics!!! You are such a good blog updater now! See...camping can be fun when you have food and especially chocolate!! Now...you will have to go with us!!