4/5 months, 2.5, and 1 week shy of 4

Luke is a complete LOVE. I forgot how wonderful this stage is...sleeping, cooing, rolling but not into everything, and all around content. The day he turned 4 months he rolled from back to stomach. In the past week, he has mastered the full roll. He is loving sucking on his hands and feet. I started feeding him rice cereal and a few foods. He still mainly makes a mess, but seems to enjoy it. I am still nursing in the morning, with bottles the rest of the day. He takes about 32 ounces a day....

play date with Aimee, Jack, and Braxton

hanging with Henry

Holden. He is a complete MESS. I have started keeping phrases and things he says in my phone, so I don't forget because they are priceless. Here are a few of my favorites:
"I am saving your place warm."
Me-"Holden where are you going?" Him-"I am going to get my milk and come enjoy the fire." (he might have heard me say this a time or two, insert wine!)
His water cup fell in the car. He said "you have to call the police, and get my water back!"
When Lane does something he knows is not good, "Daddy will spank you red Lane!"
When he gets upset and wants to get his point across, "You understand me Momma?!"
I was reading the cover of Anthropologie, Christmas edition. He saw the cover and said "Did that girl kill that deer dead?" (you will get this if you saw that one)
"My hands are really dirty momma, I need some hand sanitizer."
Me-Holden WHY DIDNT YOU POOP IN THE POTTY?!" Holden, "I'll try again next time, momma."

Lane is turning into a little boy. He really thinks through everything. He prefaces everything he tells you with "I got to tell you something..."
(from the Fair this past weekend)
He has a overall positive outlook on things...He tells me in the mornings, I watched the weather, and it will be a beautiful day!".  James took him deer hunting this past weekend, and he is hooked! He has asked for binoculars for his birthday :) He loves his "baby brother" more than anything. The feeling is mutual as Luke lights up and coos whenever he is near. I can't believe he will be four next week!

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