Haircuts, Trips, and Food

Random assortment of topics, huh? I feel like when I blog these days, I need to pack in as much as possible when I have the time. Know what I mean? Does it make for a fluid read, probably not. Please forgive me and keep going. First off haircuts....Holden had his first one a few weeks ago (he is 15 months). Did he really need it? This momma didn't think so, but I might have had several people tell me they thought he had an ear infection because he kept touching his ears. The culprit was his sideburns.

He did great

loved the sucker

Lane did as well, but he is an old pro...
Ford was in town too, so he also had the pleasure of a trim
The weekend before Thanksgiving we headed to Charleston for a little R&R and to EAT.  We did alot of eating as you can see in the below pictures! Not alot of pictures of anything else really. 
Shrimp BLT from Cru Cafe

Kale salad from Butcher and Bee, really good-with peanuts, sesame, and soy...I want to try to "recreate" this at home, if I figure it out I will let you know

we did run on the bridge one morning and it was glorious, tough but beautiful

Crispy Pork Ear lettuce wraps from Husk

some sort of delicious baked oyster from Husk

drinks at the Gin Joint

we did take a walking tour that was interesting and nice to walk off all of our eating

my favorite dish of the whole trip, Ricotta Gnocchi from FIG

glad I got to spend some time with this guy, he also was a sport and let me drag him up and down King Street shopping...

Sadly the only pictures I have from Thanksgiving are of Stone Crabs...
our "traditional" Thanksgiving lunch

and of Lane trying his first one, he approved!
We went to the Iron Bowl last weekend, by far the best game I have ever been to...

tailgating with Abbie

I have not seen anything like this-- minus the Florida game when I was a student, but that was not good as my date might have gotten arrested for storming the field

blurry, but denotes the final score of which James called that morning...
(do any of you like to guess the score before? I guessed 21-10 Auburn, but it would not have been nearly as exciting)
War Eagle!

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