Iphone Update

Here are some recent pictures from what we have been up to:
This two and a half year old is quite the ham. He is an emotional rollercoaster. He tests my authority one minute, then the next has a sweet pleasing spirit. We are still working on the potty training, some days are great, some days we jump backwards. Last night when we were praying, he thanked God for " big gween trac trac, hwuge trac trac,  and baby blue trac trac" (aka tractors of all shapes and sizes). He is a bit obsessed. 

Last Saturday we went to the Chris Tomlin concert in Birmingham. It is a big worship concert, which makes it really awesome. 

before the concert we had dinner with these lovely folks at Chez Fon Fon
shrimp and avocado salad + coconut cake=one happy lady

we also had a double date day in Birmingham with the Joneses

and baby Oliver Gaines! (Kristen is 22 wks pregnant here, though you can't really tell) It was very relaxing, and the men were troopers to let us shop around. 

Latte love

We also took the boys to the pumpkin patch last weekend. 

They had a big time...well Lane did. Holden kept saying "sticks sticks" and falling on the vines :( 
Poor buddy. He did like the snacks. 

Here he is after stealing my chocolate chip protein bar for breakfast
Who could get upset at that rascal face?

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Caroline Bobo said...

The boys are the cutest!! Glad y'all have had some fall fun lately! Great pics of friends and entertainment!