Things I am Lovin' right now

Books (both below given to me by my sister and sister-in-law, thanks!)

Beautiful love story between two people and God,  includes letters written to them by CS Lewis as they search to know Jesus

Just finished this, an autobiography, love the writer's honesty and humor

Yes, I joined the bandwagon. I will say I love them though, but not for the advertised reason of firming my rear while I walk. (Sadly, I have not seen that result) But they are great if you are on your feet all day. They are very comfortable and actually help my posture, thus alleviating some of my lower back soreness.

House Hunters International on HGTV
Random I know, but James and I both love it. Tune in some time.

Meyer Lemon Anything
My brother the chef has been using them for awhile. They are less acidic than regular lemons and therefore sweeter. We came home from California with some of this:

Meyer Lemon Syrup, yum

I am wanting to make this recipe soon.

That's about all the random stuff for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

That first book sounds really good! Will have to read it. I CANNOT believe you bought those sketchers!!! haha! interesting it helps your posture. Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Caroline...sketchers! haha! I don't know if I'll ever become a fan.