Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? James and I have been enjoying it. Last night was particularly exciting. My personal favorite victory was Lindsey Vonn, who one a gold medal last night in Alpine Skiing. She is awesome! She overcame several injuries to win yesterday. The alpine skiing itself was intense as several women crashed and tumbled down the steep snowy course. But Lindsey pulled through! (yes we are on a first named basis, bc I know if she knew me we would be great friends)

Then on to James's favorite, the half-pipe. I was like, "No thanks, you watch I am just going to read for awhile". After a few minutes, I but the book down and was enthralled. I have never watched it, and it was amazing! James started throwing words out like, "dude", "totally killer", and "got air". Apparently my husband has some snowboarder in him...Shaun White, American athlete stole the show. He even threw out a new move that he had been working on for a year that no one had ever seen. I know very little about this sport, but even I was impressed.

So tune in, GO USA!
(pictures courtesy of LA Times)

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I have been watching nightly as well...my reason for being "extra sleepy" in the mornings :) Sadly, I missed the exciting gold medalists last night. I was preparing yummy goodies in the kitchen for ya'll!! I did catch the end of Shaun's!! So sad I missed Lindseys. Good post!!