Sorry for lack of blogging, but I have been busy. A GREAT busy though...
Well let's see what all has happened since March...
1. We finished school!! Officially a D.M.D.
2. We got married!!! Officially Rayne Russell Osborn
3. Took State Boards...and will hopefully be a licensced dentist soon. We don't find out officially for a week or two our score.
These are just the biggies, we have also gone on a honeymoon...Anguilla, fabulous! More details and pictures to come...

James and I are now at the beach relaxing for a few days before heading back to the "real" world. He starts his residency program next week. Michael, James's brother and his girlfriend Betsy are down with us, and we are enjoying spending time with them. We are about to head to the beach to brave the 100+ degree weather. Happy HOT Tuesday!

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