Busy, but good...

Like the color??? I hope I do!!
I am sorry it has been awhile since my last post. Alot has been happening lately, it seems I will be moving within the month, getting married in two, and graduating in two and a half. WHEW!!! It is finally hitting home that everything is just around the corner. James and I found a great house to rent for the next two years, so I am preparing for the move. We have great new landlords who have let us pick new paint/carpet for the house. Choosing paint color was a new experience for me. If you have ever been to my current house, you have seen my "green apple" room. Abbie and I were picking colors before we moved this time 4 years ago, and I literally went in and found the tab at Sherwin Williams that said "green apple". Now don't get me wrong, I have loved my REALLY bright lime room, but I learned a valuable lesson...There is alot more to picking paint colors than picking one that sounds good. I am such a food person, I picked a paint that sounded like it tasted good!! :) With some help from my mother and sister we settled on a color called Blonde (above) for most of the house. I think it will look good, as it is kind of neutral but with warm gold undertones.
I have also been working on wedding details. I really thought I had it pretty much together, but I realized quickly this week there is still much to be done. I am blessed with a wonderful mother and mother-in-law to be that are definitely making things easier.
We have one more week until spring break, so I am looking forward to some time off in school. A group of nine of us Seniors are then headed to Japan the week after Spring Break. I am participating in a foreign exchange program with a Japanese dental school, Mekai University. We heard we get to do alot of Karoke!! Should get some good pics to post...

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